William Gibson w Ken Goldberg, at JCCSF

Back in 2012 William Gibson sat down to chat with Ken Goldberg, craigslist Distinguished Professor of New Media, UC Berkeley.

I recently watched and Tweeted these quotes;


Also, love how he explains why his last three (at his time) novels “are science-fiction”?

They are set in “speculative novels of very recent past…they are…made out of the stuff of science fiction…picture’s of our world made out of the stuff of science fiction“…

Back in August, Business Insider published a fairly extensive interview with him.


I agree with David Carr

Regarding Twitter and Why it will Endure, read more (here). I find it so much better for info finding, especially in niches (like design, urbanism etc). I still read BBC News etc for my daily news. But not for “professional” content. But boy will it suck you in.

Also, love this image. Obviously referencing Katsushika Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”