Doom with Chairman Mao


The importance of Mastering…

Lately I have been listening to a lot of the Red Bull Music Academy lectures. They’re cool because they combine the artist and ‘interviewer’ speaking and some (not performance) but at least playing of music, so a radio-show perhaps?

Specifically, I would recommend the following artists, whom I enjoyed; Madlib, DâM-Funk, Kode9, Black Milk, Mala, Bun B, Benga, DJ Premier, Roots Manuva, Jay Electronica, Waajeed, Skream, Skepta, Aba Shanti-I and D-Bridge.

What I found particularly interesting however, was that in all their cases they seemed to de-emphasize the need for quality studio, soundboards etc. Suggesting that with cheap(ish) equipment, even analog one could make an album. They real key they all seemed to say however, was in the mastering. Getting a good engineer and paying for the quality…

Note to self.