a contemporary surveillance lexicon




Boundless Informant


Data Intercept Technology Unit (Ditu)








above just a few included in A glossary of the key terms from the NSA-GCHQ Snowden leaks, “abbreviations, acronyms and jargon”. via BBC News

Catalog of revelations re: United States’ surveillance by Edward Snowden

Each disclosure is assigned to one of the following categories: tools and methods, overseas USG locations from which operations are undertaken, foreign officials and systems that NSA has targeted, encryption that NSA has broken, ISPs or platforms that NSA has penetrated or attempted to penetrate, and identities of cooperating companies and governments.

For details visit Lawfare blog.

the “Haussmannization of cyberspace”

Over at The New Inquiry, Michael MccCanne responds to the latest news about Edward Snowden, the NSA and PRISM in Total Information Awareness.

He concludes “Most of the debate around the NSA’s surveillance programs, when it hasn’t been about the moral character of whistle-blowers, usually centers around safeguarding domestic privacy rights while countering terrorism and securing Internet networks, but this misses the larger and more important point. This infrastructure is creating a technological imperium, hidden in the shadows of our digitalized world, regardless of who wields its power or what “democratic safeguards” are put into place…Intelligence gathering is never benign. It is part and parcel with war making“…