And yet, for the Air Force drone pilots, it is precisely this safe remove from combat that causes distress. Rapidly and repeatedly switching back and forth from war zone to home life, the drone pilot experiences a breakdown in the semantic register of both. Suburbia, a signifier of domesticity, becomes a battlefield. The inoculation proves poisonous…The development of this context, of the city and its suburbs, of securitization as well as drone warfare, constitutes a set of fundamentally related autoimmune processes within the body politic.

PIN-UP 24 published ‘Suburbicide‘ by Nicholas Korody with artwork by Khalid al Gharaballi.


re: assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey

This almost seems iconic. Like Time Magazine or Life circa post WW II.

While the violence of Aleppo, terrorism or even drones is in today’s contemporary digital culture not uncommon, the above seems more noteworthy somehow. Sure for it’s geopolitical implications but also because the violence is visited on a political class and power that is so often not visited by violence.

h/t Talking Points Memo

‘Pillar of Cloud’ and Wrecking Gaza

Using evidence drawn from the IDF’s own Twitter feed and public statements, along with their own on-site visitation, James Marc Leas and Theresa McDermott document how civilian infrastructure is targeted by Israeli military in Wrecking Gaza.

In the cases investigated, Israel’s destruction of civilian property appears to have provided no military advantage. Damage to civilian property was disproportionate and the IDF website admits that some of the attacks were in reprisal. In all of the cases reported here, interviewees reported that no Palestinian fighters were in the property bombed by Israeli forces. Consequently military necessity does not appear to be available. Further investigation is needed into the apparent violations. The International Criminal Court should conduct the investigation

Via CounterPunch here

bomb the drone (or it’s reproduction)

A minor (open-source) act of insurgent citizenship and imaginative transgressions instigated by @demilit.

Step 1: Download an image of a drone. Here’s one… Or try wikimedia… Or Air Force…

Step 2: Bomb the fuck out of that drone!

Step 3: Post it to the web.

Step 4: Let us know by saving it with a tag for #demilit and/or #bombthedrone. (We encourage you to make sure it is licensed for non-commercial distribution.)

This is one example:

Editors Note: I took a slightly more meta (different) approach and used a picture I took of a laser-cut, pop-out, DIY paper airplane in the mail, modeled after a Predator Drone, I received from the demilit crew a few weeks back. And I colored (aka bombed the ‘real’ thing). When I first received the package by mail my  idea was to put it together and then film a few seconds of flight. But this “challenge” works too.

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