re: South African architecture

There are local practitioners who search for contemporary architectures that are locally rooted. They are few, their work is scattered and its regional qualities are not readily recognisable…That some among the dominant group care about struggling for regional expressions is a tribute to their sensitivity; especially as their colleagues eyes have remained and do remain fixed on overseas.

Alan Lipman in a paper presented at the Harold Wolpe Lecture Series, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 24 April 2003.


Masha Panteleyeva on the Iron-Clad Voices of Soviet Modernism (1955-1985)


Customs House at the Finnish Border (1967) in Russia

Masha reviews the book Soviet Modernism: 1955-1985, An Anthology by Felix Novikov and Vladimir Belogolovsky, released in 2010. She notes that while the work surveyed is a sort of belated, rational public modernism of the kind even Corbusier could “sign off on“, it was within the context of the Soviet Union a radical political and cultural shift. As it was articulated by Khrushchev as an alternative to Stalin’s Socialist realism. Seems like it has some great photos and also some text for those who want to learn more about Soviet style late-Modernism…


Zvartnotz International Airport (1980) in Yerevan, Armenia