Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I had originally heard about the series earlier this year but never got around to looking into it. Then the other night sitting around with a friend mentioned the project to him and we decided to look it up. Ended up watching the first 4 episodes of the series. Loved every minute of them. First episode (see below) features Larry David and others include Ricky Gervais, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks and Michael Richards amongst others.


In Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up published earlier this month by the NYT Jonah Weiner discussed the project with Seinfeld. Therein Seinfeld described the intended audience as “this bubble world of people who love funny and want to get into it a little closer” and went on to explain that it is an experiment in “isolating the gene

You can watch all of them for free (at least for now) via the website Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.