re: the Dronescapes of Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox


Not a Game, Gouache and watercolour on paper, 56 x 75.6cm, 2016

More at the Drone Center at Bard


bomb the drone (or it’s reproduction)

A minor (open-source) act of insurgent citizenship and imaginative transgressions instigated by @demilit.

Step 1: Download an image of a drone. Here’s one… Or try wikimedia… Or Air Force…

Step 2: Bomb the fuck out of that drone!

Step 3: Post it to the web.

Step 4: Let us know by saving it with a tag for #demilit and/or #bombthedrone. (We encourage you to make sure it is licensed for non-commercial distribution.)

This is one example:

Editors Note: I took a slightly more meta (different) approach and used a picture I took of a laser-cut, pop-out, DIY paper airplane in the mail, modeled after a Predator Drone, I received from the demilit crew a few weeks back. And I colored (aka bombed the ‘real’ thing). When I first received the package by mail my  idea was to put it together and then film a few seconds of flight. But this “challenge” works too.

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