Regarding the accelerationist geopolitical brief

Benjamin Bratton inventoried “certain trace-effects that might be read as constitutive indicators of some cleavage between the Anthropocene and the post-Anthropocene“.

They include; Epidermal Biopolitics and NanoskinCloud PolisMachinic Images and Mereotopological Geopolitical Architectonics.


urban strata and the future remnants of the Anthropocene

In Leaving our mark: What will be left of our cities?, Andrew Luck-Baker, from the BBC’s Radio Science Unit, explores the legacy, contemporary humans will leave in the rocks of the future.

Three choice quotes include: “the new geological strata that we’re making“, “‘fossilised’ remains of our cities” and “discrete chunks of buildings and city substructures have a reasonable chance of burial and entrapment in the sedimentary record“.

“The city as its own solution”

From Mike Davis; Who will build the Ark? In New Left Review 61

Wherein he speaks about the global climate crisis as a challenge and opportunity, utopian urbanism and planetary green zones.

What often goes unnoticed in such moral inventories, however, is the consistent affinity between social and environmental justice, between the communal ethos and a greener urbanism…There are innumerable examples and they all point toward a single unifying principle: namely, that the cornerstone of the low-carbon city, far more than any particular green design or technology, is the priority given to public affluence over private wealth.

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