Sounds of 2016

Wasn’t sure I was going to do this, for 2016, but ended up compiling this list for a friend earlier this month. Below are links to some of the things I’ve been listening to in last 6-12 months. Some of this has been posted previously here, by me. Not a ton of “new” hiphop but some…

Of particular note Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip in The Abstract and The Dragon and The Return of The Abstract and the Dragon

Konnichiwa the hottest grime album of last 12 months, via Skepta

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, giving a great NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

The chopped and screwed remix of Solange by DJ Auditory

Acapella Gucci Mane also with a NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


These Dominican rappers Whitest Taino Alive

A rinseFM tribute show to Prince

Gilberto Gil – MTV Unplugged 1994. Loved so much I bought on CD (for
like 1$) via Discogs

Some sick contemporary LA jazz (has done some work with Kendrick
Lamar). I have this on vinyl.

Finally, also been listening to some comedy at work occasionally.

Norm McDonald has a podcast/show and You Made it Weird. Including a great one with Gary Shandling, RIP.


Mindful Eating As A Spiritual Practice

Here are some suggestions for cultivating more mindful reverence in our relationship with food:

  1. Know exactly where your food comes from. Read labels, ask questions, and research sources for whole, organic foods in your region.
  2. Consider becoming a community supported agriculture (CSA) member which allows you to buy directly from the farmer or grower.
  3. Give thanks when you shop—thank the food you purchase, thank market staff, and give thanks that you can afford to shop.
  4. Commit to purchasing 10% or more of food that is grown locally.
  5. Mindfully plan your meals. Perhaps it won’t be possible for you to eat at home today or tomorrow or the next day because you are traveling or because of time constraints. Plan a strategy for eating in places where nourishing food is served or plan to bring healthy snacks with you.
  6. Take a moment or two to stop before eating and give thanks for your food. Remember to thank the people who grew, harvested, transported, and distributed your food. Thank plants and animals for their lives and the sacrifice they made with their lives so that you can be fed.
  7. Regularly enjoy food with family and friends. Cook and eat meals together. Share the sacrament of food with each other in potlucks or other gatherings.
  8. Occasionally share extra food or leftovers with neighbors or people who are not in your family or circle of friends. In a world of skyrocketing food prices and climate change, food “security” may become increasingly “insecure,” and sharing food with others communicates a subtle message that you are concerned about their well being in hard times. Reaching out in this way encourages reciprocity around food so that when someone has little or no food, others are more motivated to share. 

More via Local Food Shift (Colorado) magazine

The wonder of modern technology?

So I follow Bruce Sterling’s Flickr stream and have for a few years now. He is one of the few people whose photo-stream I follow that isn’t a close friend. I am definitely a fan of his writing. Both sci-fi books and essays etc online. Plus, he is a world traveler and visits cool art and cultural conferences, events, and gatherings. Anywho. Just recently he has been traveling in Brazil and while there visited the Instituto Cultural Imhotim.

One of the photos he uploaded was of a Rirkrit Tiravanija, project seen below.

And then I made a comment on it, and (here’s the exciting part) not only was I right in my guess, but he replied back. Eeeek! I mean I kind of just had a “conversation” with Bruce Sterling. See below, link here.

Anyways, silly and weird and definitely a result of all sorts of contemporary realities, both true and false.

Daily Horoscope 6/11/2010

VIRGO [August 23–September 22] What are you waiting for? Your future power spot has been exerting a strong pull on you. It has been calling for you to come and seize the clout you deserve. But you have not yet fully taken up the offer. As your designated nag and cheerleader, it is my sacred duty to wave a red flag in front of your gorgeous face and command you to pay attention. In my opinion, you need to drop what you’re doing, race over to the zone of engagement, and pounce. You’re more than ready to stake a claim to the increased authority you’ll have a mandate to wield in the coming months.

From Free Will Astrology (here)

It does feel like this is the trajectory things are starting to take at work. I would be there today putting in a good days work. Got enough too do. However, my neck went out on me overnight and I woke up unable to do much of anything. Go figure that I get on the computer at home though. Although, when sick, injured etc, there is a big difference between being at work or at home.

Anywho. Ta ta.

Older l*dies.

Not sure why. However, often i am charmed senseless by people who come into my life.

Ms. Hoffman, I am talking to you. Not sure it even makes sense. Whats a crush? Silly, rooted in fantasy. We work together. Yet, it is only in our last two encounters that you have made me giddy.


Below, beneath before.

Who cares about lore?

Do what is right, at night!

Original tonight. Post catering gig. April 2008.