R.I.P. Little Richard

Plus “career also confirms the enduring power of the black southern femme queen in the foundational history of American culture…like to think of Richard’s entire existence as the black sissy’s revenge on the normative mainstream…penetrated the entire world”

via Pitchfork

Charlotte Moorman & Iggy Pop

Discovered via an excellent, 2019 profile of Iggy in The New Yorker. Therein he describes his current preshow ritual (which takes eight or nine hours)

I wake up, cup of coffee, stay in bed, clear my mind, don’t think about the show,” he said. “I’m not going to talk to anybody about anything. Three hours before, I lie down on the floor and do something called wu chi breathing, where I breathe very deep into my gut for almost a half hour. I’m a little high, but not dizzy, and my voice has widened. Then I lightly visualize for about an hour. I hit my cues—there’s certain blocking to remember, like in a play. Maybe you find one little thing that you can improve, but you’re not desperate about it. Then I do Qigong, which loosens up my bod,” he continued. “My bod gets tight. I’m a little gnarly. Then I take a hot shower and I turn it all the way cold. And then they pick me up, and take me where I’m going, and I sit there for a couple of hours, and I realize where I am and what I’ve got to do.