re: cochineal

The geographer José Antonio Alzate’s “Plane With Scale and Orientation Mexico City,” a map using cochineal, 1762-1772 | Credit: Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City

Elisabeth Malkin reviews the exhibition ,that runs through Feb. 4 at this Mexico City’s Palace of Fine Arts, “Mexican Red, the Cochineal in Art,”. Which ttraces the journey of the color from the highlands of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica to Europe.



re: a truly Promethean feminism

The changes associated with the re-imagining of social reproduction, for example, are not seen as an endpoint in and of themselves, but are presented as one crucial field of operations in a series of other radical alterations in lived experience. In this truly Promethean feminism, love, work, leisure, the family, science, art, and sexual reproduction are all equally mutable, contestable, and available for species-wide re-engineering. The home can be reconceived of as a site of Promethean potentiality rather than as an example of stubbornly embedded material hegemony; that is to say, it is a space that can be mutated to facilitate a Promethean politics rather than a site of risk aversion inherently obstructive to the development of the solidarities that such a politics demands.

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