re: “technological pessimism” and walking

Rosalind Williams begins by asking

How is technology implicated in the modern fall of nature? Is environmental ruin an accidental and therefore correctable by-product of technological development, or is it an inherent and inevitable result? Are we pessimistic about mistakes of technology or, in a much more fundamental way, are we pessimistic about technology itself?

She summarizes her argument

In sum. technological systems of connection both incarnate and reinforce an ideology that accords economic, political, and intellectual power to the global market, to a meritocratic elite, and to information.” and thus “Destruction of place is therefore not a regrettable side effect but a central outcome of modernity.

Then closes, by describing “the deceptively simple activity of taking a walk” which per Kevin Lynch et al., should be understood as a “potentially significant act of cognition, in which knowledge is created from the active involvement of the entire body.

Published in Science in Context 6, 2 (1993)

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