re: the illusory “profits to advertisers from mass surveillance”

Maciej Cegłowski published What Happens Next Will Amaze You, the text version of a talk given on September 14, 2015, at the FREMTIDENS INTERNET conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He examines the “dystopian future” of total (state and corporate sponsored) surveillance, “paranoia” of privacy and “The phenomenon whereby ads are tied to the complete invasion of privacy“.

Therein writing “Today we live in a Blade Runner world, with ad robots posing as people, and Deckard-like figures trying to expose them by digging ever deeper into our browsers, implementing Voight-Kampff machines in Javascript to decide who is human. We’re the ones caught in the middle….It boils down to this: fake websites serving real ads to fake traffic for real money. And it’s costing advertisers a fortune….It’s no accident how much the ad racket resembles high-frequency trading.

Later reviews technological solutions, countermeasures and legal/regulaory strategies for addressing. All boiled down to “six fixes“.


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