Kim Stanley Robinson re: sustainability, polyarchy and cliodynamics

In State of the World 2013 – WorldWatch Institute, Kim Stanley Robinson penned an essay ‘Is It Too Late‘, exploring whether sustainability is still possible?

There are too many emerging projects to list here, although it would be very good to have this list, in something like a new economics State of the World, perhaps. In a compilation of this kind we would surely learn more about Mondragón and Kerala, Ecuador and Cuba, Bhutan and Scandinavia. We would also find out about ideas like predistributed value, microtaxing financial transactions, treating necessities as public utilities, full employment, permaculture, hedging (both kinds) for environmental repair, gross national happiness, the 2000 Watt Society, carbon taxes as truing the cost, intrinsic shareholders, land tithing, living wages, steady state economics, degrowth economics, moral hazard, systemic predatory dumping, deponzification, Leyden contentment indexes, rewilding, assisted migration, mongrel ecologies, cooperatives, open source, earth work, earth credits, the land ethic. . . .


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