Regarding Postmodernism

“It was, I would argue, a deep and profound investigation into late 20th-century conditions – conditions present in the world, and the condition of the designer within that world. It was an understanding of the ways in which cultural, economic and power structures were changing, how old structures were being dismantled and flattened.

It not only told us this would happen (why else would it have been so invested in flatness of two dimensions?), how it would happen (media, advertising, cars, and other consumerisms) and why it would happen (the ideology of late capitalism). It also knew that the mechanisms of culture would transform so radically that its own foundation would collapse, that its own critical position would too be flattened. Its ostentatious physical gestures were not waving but signalling a desperate truth at the moment before invisible torrents of neoliberal, free market capitalism washed over everything.

Via Sam Jacobs (formerly of FAT) for Dezeen


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