Regarding Matter Battle(s) and People Battle(s)

Recently Tim Maly re-introduced two Highly Revealing Terms: Matter Battle and the Soylent Supply Chain. He ends by making an attempt at linking these notions to emotional labour and its place in the time of automation and small-run manufacturing.

But the Matter Battle and the Soylent Supply Chain only become worth naming and explaining once enough people have spent enough time immersed in the digital realm that these other realms become mysterious.

Via Tiny Letter

Note: Matter Battles first came to my attention in this 2011 post by Bryan Boyer, in which he outlined 5 basic identifying/principles: In a Matter Battle to Undo is to Redo, Matter does not Share SpaceThe Behavior of Matter is Hard to Predict Well Without Great Expense, Matter Battles are Always Low Tech and Matter Battles are Hard to Understand Until You’re In One.

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