Las Indias – a transnational worker cooperative

Neal Gorenflo, from Shareable, Michel Bauwens, from the P2P
Foundation and John Robb, from Global Guerrillas, interview Las Indias’
David de Ugarte.

But we have a vision for us – the phyle – and a wish: to see the birth
of a wider, transnational space of economic democracies. We imagine
networks of phyles generating wealth, social cohesion, and ensuring
liberties for real people rather than the governments’ power and their
borders and passports.

We are not naive nor utopian. Distributed networks gave our generation
the opportunity to build a new world. But this new world, based on the
commons, communities, economic democracy and distributed networks,
isn’t completely born. And the old world, based on the artificial
generation of scarcity, corporations, inequality, and centralized
networks, isn’t dead.

h/t Bruce Sterling


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