Ocean, Death, Passion, Elves, Reading and Friends

Not sure when these are from exactly although I believe they date to around the early-mid Aughts.


Walking down the shell lined beach.

Feeling the sand through my toes.

Wind rustling my hair.

Hearing the calm, emptiness.

Peacefully dreaming.

Don’t you wish you were here?


Always there never thinking about it.

Draws closer everyday.

Makes you think of what?



The raw passion inside your body.

Very difficult to control.

When you want to be celibate…


Tall thin pointy ears.

Wise very old.

Hairless faces.

Very suspicious.


In your own world.

Solitude and confinement.

Drown your sorrows.

Lives suspended, gaining knowledge.


We were best friends.

Until you moved.

I lived at school.

Friends no more.


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