From fall 2012

Written while N is driving a U-haul to NC
If my memory (below is from notes) I saw some wildlife (fowl and hog) early on, towards the Florida/Georgia border.

A day begins. Not a new road traveled but a new trip.
One where I won’t be returning to the same home of, even a few weeks ago.
The fun of traveling, because you must…(because you have to).
Anytime, moving, work or just vacation.
I guess I am receiving that “I want more travel in my life”, aspiration. prayer etc.

High, (as colloquial expression) tired (somewhere in there) and home/love/sick.
Would like to be here seriously, intently with purpose.
Doing so is (would be) a sign of maturity?
People are everywhere, are in everything sick(seek) it all. So do, you know what it is?
You are trying to attain.
Although honestly (perhaps?) not of your own merit…
Is it that the “easy” or “easier way”?
Can you simplify, check in and/or check out?
As a…against what you may not know.


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