The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto

***The Mundane Afrofuturists promise:***

To produce a collection of Mundane Afrofuturist literature that follows these rules:

  1. No interstellar travel—travel is limited to within the solar system and is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.
  2. No inexplicable end to racism—dismantling white supremacy would be complex, violent, and have global impact.
  3. No aliens unless the connection is distant, difficult, tenuous, and expensive—and they have no interstellar travel either.
  4. No internment camps for blacks, aliens, or black aliens.
  5. No Martians, Venusians, etc.
  6. No forgetting about political, racial, social, economic, and geographic struggles.
  7. No alternative universes.
  8. No revisionist history.
  9. No magic or supernatural elements.
  10. No Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, or Bucks.
  11. No time travel or teleportation.
  12. No Mammies, Jezebels, or Sapphires.
  13. Not to let Mundane Afrofuturism cramp their style, as if it could.
  14. To burn this manifesto as soon as it gets boring.

— Martine Syms & whomever will join me in the future of black imagination.

More here via Rhizome


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