Restoration sedimentology and synthetic Bayou Urbanism

As illustrated here by a hypothetical diversion of the Mississippi River, growth rate of land in the domain is determined by the balance of sources and sinks, including contributions from organic and inorganic processes and the interactions between them.

Over at Nature Geoscience Douglas A Edmonds, reviewed the topic of Restoration sedimentology.

Specifically, how “River regulation and sea-level rise have damaged deltaic ecosystems as well as the sedimentological processes that support them“. He then argues “rapid advances in the developing field of restoration sedimentology are crucial to protecting the world’s river deltas“.

On a related, note Brian Davis speculated on the possibilities of ‘Land Making Machines‘ in the recent publication Making the Geologic Now, available digitally here. He proposes a future synthetic Bayou Urbanism, characterized by a New Orleans in which “new urban landforms-constructed from timber pilings harvested from the provisional urban forest and sediments deposited in the Bonnet Carre Spillways would provide high ground where social, economic, and educational resources could be clustered. The cellular nature of the constructions would allow them to spread and agglomerate over time as more forest matures and the Land Making Machine deposits more sediment“.


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