Bigness, violence and mobility

Over at his blog Landscape Archipelago, Brian Davis proposed “three approximations…as foundational to an American Landscapes project“.

He explains;

1) “The bigness approximation does not refer only to large things, be they mountains, rivers, or megacities.  Instead this refers to a certain range or bandwidth of experience.

2) “When violence is considered as a landscape approximation, then technology and the agency of the landscape itself become fundamental characteristics to any serious inquiry into an American landscape“.

3) “The mobility approximation is a focus on the movement of things in time.  These things can be physical objects (people, pollen grains, paper money) or intangible things (political borders, capital, knowledge) but the mobility approximation does not refer to mere concepts or abstractions“.

Professor Davis also “formalized a few conclusions that may serve as touchstones for future work” in relation to the hemispheric project of a trans-American Landscape.


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