re: a uniquely Paulista approach to combining Brutalism and public space

Praça das Artes / Brasil Arquitetura © Nelson Kon

Over at ICON EYE Edwin Heathcote reviewed a few examples of a typology of cultural complex specific to São Paulo, by architects such as Paulo Mendes da Rocha, João Batista Vilanova Artigas and Lina Bo Bardi.

Speaking of the Praça das Artes (a more recent building completed) by two architects who studied with Lina Bo Bard, he writes; “Most distinctive of all, however, is the way it invites you in, with the solid structure lifted above the public realm…There is a recognisable typology running from Mendes da Rocha through Bo Bardi and Artigas right up to Brasil Arquitectura, a uniquely Paulista approach…Together, these buildings, and many others similar in intent and language, create a coherent idea of how public space can animate a city – but that activity is something that is left to the citizens, not dictated…There is nothing precious about this architecture – in fact, quite the opposite, it is its very mass and an almost geographical robustness that keeps it from dictating use and makes it feel available and open, more like a natural landscape than a top-down imposition“.

Praça das Artes / Brasil Arquitetura (Sketch)


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