re: The problem of shit

Over at The Millions Michael Bourne reviews The Origin of Feces, by Professor Waltner-Toews. He argues the book “is better at describing the wickedness of this problem than at articulating solutions, which get high-falutin’ and improbable in a hurry. Drawing on the work of scientists who see the complex interactions in natural ecosystems as ‘panarchy,’ and quoting the philosopher Arthur Koestler, who saw each living thing as a whole unto itself and also a part of something larger, which together he called a ‘holon,’ Waltner-Toews uses the term ‘holonocracy,’ which he says ’embodies a way of interpreting nested social and ecological changes and implies a new way to think about management and governance based on those observations’. Yeah, I know. I didn’t really follow that, either. In later pages, Waltner-Toews thankfully returns to plain English“…


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