Regarding “architectural practice going forward…in a post-conflict condition”

Map of Religious Distribution in Belfast. Source: Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology.

Rory Hyde recently published Design as Politics: (in) Belfast.  In the post he sketches out some potential strategies, for how architecture may begin to move forward in a context, as explicitly post-conflict, as Belfast.

The strategies he proposes, though applied to Belfast, are he believes at least partially applicable anywhere and include: Comprehensive transition, Ninja move,  Unsolicited architecture, Good buildings, Making mad ideas sane, Go through the wall.

He also provides a mild critique of the recent political geographic – authoritative (symptomatic of what Javier Arbona might contend is The Rise of the Darists), bent within architecture (esp: with regards to conflict/post-conflict regions). Mr. Hyde argues that architecture “is inherently propositional, and it needs to reclaim the ambition required to take the additional step. As architects stray further into political geography, the challenge going forward is to develop strategies for moving beyond analysis and into synthesis and proposition“.


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