Bruce Sterling on Norman Bel Geddes

Author, futurist, and design visionary Bruce Sterling delivered the keynote
lecture of the Ransom Center’s tenth biennial Flair Symposium, “Visions of
the Future“, November 1, 2012, in Jessen Auditorium.

Some of the phrases or quotes that caught my attention are below;

The label applied to Geddes’s work, “Raygun Gothic”, reflecting on one of his own recent collaborative projects Mr. Sterling admits Geddes was a better designer of imaginary cities than he, on Geddes life/work he argues that Geddes was “a pioneer of futurism” but “not a very good futurist”. Meaning, he was able to use his technical literacy to perform a sort of trend-spotting, wherein the present became the future.

In terms of one of Geddes signature concepts, “Streamlining” Mr. Sterling notes that it is the sort of thing “a graphic designer can draw” or an “adman promote”. It was a signature period look.


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