Urbanization after the Bubble and “ghosted settlements”

In conjunction with the symposium of the same name, The Architectural League of New York published a feature The City That Never Was.

One of the pieces included an essay Anticipating the City That Never Was and Delirious Development the record of a conversation between, Gregory Wessner, the League’s Special Projects Director, Christopher Marcinkoski and Javier Arpa on the need to develop a post-Bubble model of urbanization.

A quote:

CM: In some ways, I think what’s interesting for the audience of this conference and for the members of the Architectural League is that the things that we all care so much about–design, building, urbanization–were held up as the rationale and emblem of the economic successes and the maturation of Spain’s economy. It was amazing to see the Museum of Modern Art exhibition in 2006, in which Spain was celebrated as this hotbed of design. There were really, really spectacular pieces of architecture happening and they were being appropriated as the emblem of growth, the emblem of a mature economy, the emblem of global ascension.  And now, all of a sudden, you’re confronted with those things and they look like false idols in some way.  And what now? What do we as designers do? It could be a very depressing situation but as Javier said, I think we want to look at it as an opportunity to really rethink what the role of urbanization and building is in contemporary culture.  And that’s the kind of larger question at hand here.



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