On “Finding your Speed”…

After following a link from Javier Arbona’s Twitter feed the other day, I rediscovered an old edition of MAS Context, issue 11 on Speed.

Four essays in particular caught my eye: Mumbai Disconnected, Farmland World, A Strategic Vision for the Center of Dense Cities: Madrid as a Case Study and Talk to Your City.

In the introduction Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context, summarized the themes/content of the above essays as follows: “At an urban scale, we focus on the stories of three cities and the challenges they face as they continue to grow and transform. We talk to Camilla Nielsson, co-director of “Mumbai Disconnected”, a documentary exploring the precarious infrastructure of one of the world’s biggest megacities through three human stories. Architects José María Ezquiaga and Juan Herreros present the project “Proyecto Madrid Centro”, a strategic plan that identifies the possible solutions to address, in a sustainable way, the challenges that Madrid is facing…Some interventions at the urban scale require long-time planning and big economic resources. And some don’t. Candy Chang shows us how low-tech public installations, quickly implementable, can be a fantastic community activator and a successful tool to make us think about the potential of the public spaces that surround us…Farmland World reinvents the nature of farming itself. In this project, Design With Company uses speed as a catalyst for reconfiguring the relationship between the city, the rural landscape and the animal/machine hybrids that cultivate land. Part theme park and part working farm, a new typology is born“.


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