restoring Gettysburg, minus a Neutra

Other than knowing that I have been inside, because back in the 1990s i visited Gettysburg memorial and vividly remember the the Gettysburg Cyclorama (painted by the French artist Paul Philippoteaux depicting “Pickett’s Charge”) itself, i don’t remember the experience of the building, spatially, or my first impression.

Nevertheless I am glad to know I did experience the building, if only briefly. Especially, since it was recently announced that the National Park Service will begin demolishing the Cyclorama building as soon as February.

Also, this line in particular, from the article leapt out; “The site will be restored to its 1863 appearance“. For it’s suggestion of a historic preservation that is more about landscape  recreation through erasure, than through a consideration of stasis.

Thayer-D noted over at the Archinect news post re: the newsVery cool photo.  Maybe they can re-erect it in another location.  I think their intent is to clean up the landscape to better immerse yourself in the natural state of the battle field, not to tear down this particular building whatever it’s merits are“.


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