Vancouverism: the challenges of affordable housing and density

Bob Ransford a public affairs consultant with Counterpoint Communications Inc, published a response to a recent summary document from a Vancouver event, Carbon Talks: Density in a City of Neighbourhoods Dialogue Report, in The Vancouver Sun. Mr. Ransford argues “Open talk needed when it comes to the ‘D’ word – Residents need to embrace big picture of development“. Essentially, he believes we need to unpack the word, “density” and it’s meanings.

As a side note, it is interesting, a good friend of mine recently left Vancouver to return to Florida, after a decade of living there as a young adult. The main reason being that he is now married and desirous of owning a home, for child-rearing. It suggests two paths: perhaps we need to re-imagine the idea of ownership and adulthood? Or, maybe the idea of child-rearing as requiring a single-detached home…


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