Dilip da Cunha & Anuradha Mathur re: Design activism

The interview was originally published in Architectural Review Asia Pacific #126: Architecture and Infrastructure. Dilip da Cunha & Anuradha Mathur were interviewed by Maitiú Ward.

Therein, the three talked about how reconstruction of history can radically change our understanding and design of cities. They also discuss “flow thinking”, “line thinking” and the difference between site and terrain.

Dilip da Cunha:”So, with ‘design activism’ we see ourselves as actually challenging the language of design that is in place, challenging the language that is being used to solve fundamental problems like floods, which in fact is the same language that has actually caused the problem of floods. We need a relatively new imagination, and that stems from a new language of the land“.

Anuradha Mathur: “With design activism, we are saying that the role of actually re-imagining is something we as designers can take on – we don’t only have to follow somebody else’s imagination“.


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