André Glucksmann on state of contemporary “European community”

André Glucksmann famed New Philosopher– sees a dark Future for Europe. He outlines it in an interview published by Spiegel Online.

one can draw the general conclusion that Europe actually isn’t a state or a community in the national sense, which grows together organically…European nations are not alike, which is why they can’t be merged together. What unites them is not a community but a societal model.

Towards the end of the discussion Glucksmann highlighted the importance of bigness in geopolitical and economic terms in the 21 century. This concern, helps to explain why he is still pro European integration….

SPIEGEL: Are you saying that the idea of a European community of fate hasn’t really taken hold yet?

Glucksmann: Not in practice. Globalization brings global chaos, and a global police force — which the United States played for a long time — no longer exists. The players may not be keen on war, but they don’t exactly mean well by one another. Everyone is playing his own game. In this anarchic confusion, Europe has to assert itself and face up to threats offensively…Look at the elections in Europe. What role do foreign policy and Europe’s place in the world play? A few years ago, the EU gave itself a high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Catherine Ashton, with a separate agency employing several thousand civil servants. Where is she, what is she doing and who notices her? The 21st century will be the century of big continents that will either get along with each other or not.


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