China, USA, Cuba and Guantánamo

“Cuba’s involvement with China has been intensifying for more than a decade, as Russian influence has receded. The Chinese have built an amusement park and sold fleets of buses. They have been granted use — if our intelligence can be trusted — of a large signals-intelligence base on the outskirts of Havana near the airport, a giant electronic ear-horn right off our shores, the price we pay for renouncing any involvement with a country so close. There is the sheer geopolitical weirdness of Guantánamo’s being there, too: the Chinese and the Americans operating on the same island, off the coast of Florida. Guantánamo was supposed to be gone. It’s holding on like the Castros.”

Not surprised why. But this jumped out at me, as something I din’t know as fact before but which seems illustrative. via John J. Sullivan’s recent piece for NYT Sunday Magazine, A Prison, a Paradise: Cuba on the Brink, But of what?.

Early in the essay he references the notion of querencia or “the place where you are your most authentic self“. The online edition includes a fantastic slideshow ft the work of Andrew Moore, a photographer who has spent more than a decade traveling to Cuba.


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