“You have to have, as Ernst Bloch said, revolutionary hope”

Hakim Bey, Oscar Wilde, 2010, mixed media.

Above image from an old e-flux interview ft Hans Ulrich Obrist In Conversation with Hakim Bey. The two discuss mapmaking, the Empress of Iran’s support of modern art in the 60s and Hakim’s recent interest in “queering the landscape”.

Hans Ulrich Obrist closes by acknowledging his own debt to Bey in developing his approach to curating wherein art exhibition becomes TAZ. Obrist asks him whether or not Bey believes exhibitions and institutions can become these sorts of pockets of anarchy, temporary, flexible and with a predefined short lifespan.

Bey notes “I think it’s an excellent idea. Of course, it sounds absolutely ghastly to anyone who has to think about the budget. If you’re talking to your accountant about this, better not mention your plans to stop after five years, because it’s going to be a nightmare to raise and administer the money. That’s mostly why it doesn’t happen, because capital doesn’t work that way…But now, you have an advantage. You can tell people you’re a curator and that what you’re doing is an art exhibition. And then they understand it in a certain way, say, as a temporary project. But if you told people that you’re founding an institution, then their reactions are going to be very different, right?

Discovered via Arthur Magazine’s new(ish) tumblr here


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