Am I misreading this?

The Sunday’s NYT published Steven Ozment’s German Austerity’s Lutheran Core in their Sunday Review section. So perhaps they shouldn’t be taken to task… However, Mr. Ozment, unless I am misreading his closing, seems to allude/suggest a “Eurabia” esque future in his editorial.

Therein he writes “With the steady advance of Islam into Europe over the last two decades and in the face of unrelenting economic pressure from their neighbors, it is no surprise that Germans of all backgrounds have now again quietly found “a mighty fortress” for themselves in their own Judeo-Christian heritage.

Maybe I am misjudging the tone? Perhaps Professor Ozment, is simply objectively describing the thought/reasoning behind the very real, anti-Islamic forces at play in some parts of contemporary Europe, rather than subjectively agreeing with the result/feeling?


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