Sam Jacob of FAT on “London’s re-tarmacing”

Mr. Jacob’s writes about the pleasure and beauty to be found in all the new miles of rejevenated roadway and fresh laid tarmac.  In London as a result of the upcoming 2012, Olympics.

He writes “Maybe it is even possible that all of London’s roads will, for a moment at least, be new. And that sensation of newness, in London at least, is an exotic and alien sensation. London is a city whose surface is scoured with complicated psychogeography. It’s the world capital city of psychogeography, full of Sinclairs, Ackroyds and Selfs wandering its rutted paths and scribbling in the margins.

Then continued with this line “Smooth tarmac is like the deepest of vinyls, the highest of fidelities, a way of experiencing the contours and vectors of the city with crystal clarity.” which seems to be deeply about the paratexts of modern sub/peri/feral urbanism…

via (here)


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