e-pal, heh….

Not sure why I haven’t seen the term before-seems very networked culture/public… I suppose I might have a few. If only old friends, now infrequently seen.

Came across “e-pal” in a fairly sympathetic review by Emerson Dameron, of Icon Give Thank, the new record by Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos.

To wit: “An e-pal of mine called out Stallones on his ‘Bonnaroo vibe,’ and that’s not an unfair characterization — his take on earthy psychedelia is not entirely different from that of Animal Collective. Fortunately, the playful harmonies of The Congos, and particularly the damaged falsetto of Cedric Myton, have no problem pulling Icon Give Thank out of its music-major mysticism, sometimes catching some rare, soulful air…Things gel best on ‘Sunshine,’ a mix of buoyant vocals, lighthearted lyrical ad libs and sinister guitar squiggles that recalls Roy Ayer’s ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’ in the best possible way.


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