Icon Give Thank

Jace Clayton (aka DJ Rupture) for the Fader in Happy Songs on a collaboration between Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw) + M Geddes Gengras +The Congos.

“Man, it’s weird to say, but that was a peak life experience at some level,” says Stallones, zeroing in on what may be the greatest lesson of Jamaican music culture. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. Being able to bathe in records in that way. The most beautiful sounding records. It’s soul music. The whole purpose of this music is to be the most pure externalization of a man’s feelings about romance and love, and to play it that loud on a system like that, and for people to come and it to be the entire community. It’s a necessary thing for the human spirit. And as awkward as you feel participating in it as an outsider, you’d be a fool not to seize on this ability we have to create something within ourselves and be part of something like that, and do it regularly.”

Later, then critiquing the musical fruit Clayton writes “Orienting the Congos toward the spiritual was an effective entrée to Icon Give Thank. Dreamlike melodies build up from snatches of instrumentation. Near-incidental percussion hits insinuate rhythms more interested in creating space than tempo. Inside that shimmering, shuddering sound float ethereal vocal harmonies. The Congos combine their most blithe lyrics to date with gravitas.

Buy the album and a video about the collaboration here


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