Museum culture as mass media

So we’ve realized that we are a mass medium, but we don’t yet understand the rules. The authority of the museum is not endangered, because in this accumulation of cultural goods you need somebody who is a kind of selector, juror or editor – which is a great responsibility. But the control of information, which is something different from editing, is going to be increasingly lost. The museum will come to be used in many different ways.

Jennifer Higgie and Sam Thorne talk to Chris Dercon, new director of Tate Modern about the museum’s plans for the future for Frieze Magazine (here)

Further, regarding the trending growth in private/public partnerships especially in these times of austerity and recession, Dercon argues “The question with public/private partnerships is no longer if we want to work together, but how we want to work together. There will be different shades of grey“. The interview also explores the contemporary binary relationship between art and architecture as cultural space as well and the re-newed role of artists-curators as editor.


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