An OMA view of St Paul’s Cathedral

‘As if it were put there for the special benefit of Rothschild’: the view of St Paul's Cathedral. Photograph: OMA

From Rowan Moore’s review for the Guardian of Rothschild New Court HQ, by OMA. It is not though on the strength of such flash that the building wins his praise. He writes:

In Richard Rogers’s Lloyd’s Building a Robert Adam interior, imported from the institution’s earlier premises, was recreated. There, it is a touch embarrassing in relation to the high-techery around it. In Rothschild the interplay of oak, oil paint, silk and aluminium is where all the fun is to be had. It delivers the required message that the institution is both ancient and modern. More than that, it is shown to be cultured, sophisticated, self-aware and sufficiently self-assured to allow a little humour. Rothschild advises but doesn’t lend, which sets it apart from the casino banks of ill-repute, and its architecture reminds you of this fact

Somehow both antiseptic and modern yet also historical and postmodern. Moore goes on to compare a nearby Foster’s building, unfavorably, chiefly because of how it plays with the street and public. Even though the best bits of Rothschild New Court HQ are “on the far side of the security barriers.


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