Ryan Dombal interviews REM

Photo by Ed Colver

The above photo is of a really early version of the group. What fun slacker(y) energy,

We took the energy of punk, but not the aggro part. As much as I loved Sex Pistols, we were not into the safety pins-through-the-nose thing. It was more about thrift-store clothes and wild wigs and having a good time. For “Radio Free Europe”, I wrote the verse and the B section on an unamplified electric guitar in a deserted record store while there was a party going on upstairs. I remember being really excited about it. [Guitarist] Peter [Buck] wrote the chorus later on.

For rest see Pitchfork where Michael Stipe and Mike Mills (talked with Ryan Dombal) on R.E.M.’s split and some of their best moments.

The song below has always been a favorite of mine. Actually been listening to it quite a bit over the last year. It’s also interesting to compare the above image to the dudes in the video. Interesting to think about friends, time and friendship…..

I don’t think I have ever heard the below one before, though. Very nice, melancholic. some interesting visual effects, too.


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