Parking above the flood waters…

Getty Images

Cars sit parked on an elevated road way over flooded streets on October 25 in a northern suburb of Bangkok, Thailand. Around 350 people have died in flood-related incidents around the country since July, according to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.

Graphic: Bangkok on the edge of a flood via Der Spiegel

More here via Der Speigel

I wonder if it was planned and orderly… And this line is perhaps the most concerning/eye opening “And he doesn’t think the drama will be over anytime soon. “The water won’t drain away before Christmas,” he predicts“.

It makes clear the fact that the citizens even just on a short term basis will need to learn how live in flooded conditions. The scale(s) in both time and urban geography are quite clarifying. Similar to the Fukushima disaster this isn’t quick and easy. Once this has happened once policy, plans and land usage will adjust to a new reality.


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