Slavoj Žižek speaks at the OWS open forum on 10/9/11

Graham Harman, Associate Provost for Research Administration and Professor of Philosophy at the American University in Cairo, Egypt of Object-Oriented Philosophy fame, has a brief post supporting Žižek’s assertion that the protestors not fall in love with themselves.

I personally, haven’t posted anything here regarding the occupy wall street protest except a bit on Archinect. Where they have a thread discussing/following the whole series of events.

One thing I am fascinated by is the concept of the human microphone. I have heard the term used in the context of the protests but didn’t have a clear sense of what it means. Watching the Žižek videos illustrates the concept perfectly.

For more information on the idea read Richard Kim of the Nation in We Are All Human Microphones Now. There Kim explains the tactical reasons for the deployment of the human microphone, “New York City requires a permit for “amplified sound” in public, something that the pointedly unpermitted Occupy Wall Street lacks. This means that microphones and speakers are banned from Liberty Plaza, and the NYPD has also been interpreting the law to include battery-powered bullhorns. Violators can be sentenced for up to thirty days in prison.

It seems a perfect example for contemporary Tactical Urbanism, reactive, low tech, and open sourced.

Finally, for some perspective on the human microphone and the possibilities for amplifying sound via the built environment versus that more low tech method see Nick Sowers The Revolution will not be Amplified


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