One half of Wolves in the Throne Room on the Progressive Radio Network show Expanding Mind

To quote the show description “Shamanic blast beats, the Pacific Northwest, and taking responsibility for wildness: a talk with Aaron Weaver, drummer for the American black metal outfit Wolves in the Throne Room“.

Personally, I found it interesting to hear Aaron describes WITTR as children and even current members of the sort of neo-hippy pagan spirituality that has emerged since the 60s. Or the use of words like “intention” or phrases like “opening doors” and “New Age agenda” in connection with their “project”, which includes both their music but also their back to the land organic farm lifestyle. More generally, I think the discussion clarifies some points regarding the connections between the historic, pagan spirituality of metal and contemporary trends in recognizing links between ecological and spiritual consciousnesses. See for instance the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture.

Very cool discussion, stream here or download here.


3 thoughts on “One half of Wolves in the Throne Room on the Progressive Radio Network show Expanding Mind

  1. I like his reference to “imaginative geography” (26:12) and creating a “portal” to another world. I appreciate his point about how black metal contrasts the other side of the 60s counter culture… the happy-go-lucky side of things. It’s similar to how The Doors described themselves — exploring the ‘dark side’ in the midst of all the happy, poppy melodies of their time. Although I’m not sure I agree that black metal is inherently more ‘spiritual’ whereas punk rock is ‘materialistic’… but a lot of that is semantics. To me, black metal evokes a very super-natural (or hyper-natural?) imaginative geography — one that looks back in time and is very introspective. Punk evokes a ‘tear down and rebuild’ political ethic that requires extroversion and rallying. However, both seem to share a DIY point of view, at least in theory.

    Some interesting stuff! I’ll have to check out the JSRNC now, too.

    • Yeah i wouldn’t say inherently more spiritual although maybe when specifically compared to Punk. Definitely, more pagan though.. Really like the “imaginative geography” line he was articulating to. Never thought about it within context of metal.

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