Ital on Audacity and Logic

“Yeah. Well, the first 12” was just Audacity. So like I said in that interview, the bassline was all triangular and square waves, and trying to calculate the frequencies. And then applying a couple of different phasers to give it some character.

Lately I’ve been using a combination of Audacity and Logic. Like I’ll do a loop in Logic, spend a little time on one of the soft synths, but I’ll always drag it into Audacity to arrange it. Recently I tried to do a whole thing on Logic, and I know I should really get on that, but oh man I don’t like the way it sounds, and I don’t really like the interface. Audacity’s like using Microsoft Word, it’s easy.”

The above passage comes from Fact Magazine’s feature New Talent: Ital interview, in response to a question about what tools he uses to make his music. The interviewer couldn’t believe that he used Audacity.

It really highlights the way that technology has made music making (production) so easy and simplistic in some ways. More accessible obviously with software but also in terms of physical space. Not needing much just a computer. More especially the concept of The Good Enough Revolution

Also, in the simplicity of the “good enough” tools is a almost back to analog, naturalistic aesthetic. The interviewer notes:

Logic can feel like it’s constantly reminding you that you’re using a computer – having to really zoom in and drag. Audacity’s a little more natural.

I have used Audacity for simple production of audio tracks myself. At work for adult eLearning materials. Not that I am saying I could make music like Ital just that I know how to use the same tools. It also highlights that it isn’t (particularly in terms of art/craft making) just about the tools but how you (want) to use them…


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