Olympic- urban regeneration and the radical act of gardening

Jenifer Parks of Rocky Mountain College reviewed John R. Gold, Margaret M. Gold, eds. Olympic Cities: Urban Planning, City Agendas and the World’s Games, 1896 to the present. over a H-Net Reviews. Published on H-Urban

Jennifer Parks talks about the book’s interdisciplinary nature;

With contributions from experts on urban geography, planning, development, sociology, culture, and ecology” and the way in which the book while exploring the larger set of relationships between urban centers and the Olympics particularly focuses on “the ways in which preparations to host the Olympic Games have increasingly become situated within larger urban planning and regeneration projects.

Parks further writes “ The IOC promotes the Olympics as a way to revive host cities while the games themselves are increasingly out of the reach to all but those cities that already have the resources, profile, and economic base to organize the games without risking bankruptcy.

Way back in 2008 I wrote an Archinect Op-Ed: Urban Regeneration: the Promise of Past and Future Olympic Games, in which I hoped “the continued focus of media and watchdog groups on such problems will encourage the development of new design initiatives and processes which reduce cost, improve transparency and create a greater role for the local within the happenings of the global.

H/T Javierest

George McKay in The Independent On Sunday in  Radical plots: The politics of gardening asks how a garden can be political? He answers simply; “Notions of utopia, of community, of activism for progressive social change, of peace, of environmentalism, of identity politics, are practically worked through in the garden, in floriculture and through what art historian Paul Gough has called “planting as a form of protest“.

Emphasizing the ideas of garden as expression of community, allocation and the idea of the gift relationship. I wonder if this gift relationship has to be thought of only in terms of human relationships? Or time/good given. What about giving back or sharing with your surrounding ecological neighbors. Creating habitat or just contributing to ecological diversity, natural processes. This too would it seems be a form of gardening. Wherein, it is not the garden but act of gardening which is the generative device…


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