Alisa Opar on Ghost Dogs

Really like this image. I couldn’t tell who should be credited. Guess I should buy the hard copy 😮

This is the key graph and I couldn’t agree more, it is exciting to see nature back.

Over the past decade coyotes have gained a foothold in most major U.S. metro areas, from Austin to Denver, from Los Angeles County to New York’s Westchester County. “Cities have put more and more resources toward creating green spaces—butterfly gardens, parks, natural areas in golf courses,” says Stan Gehrt, an Ohio State University biologist who leads the Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project, which has captured, released, and tracked more than 500 coyotes in Chicago since 2000. “They want a sense of nature. But when nature starts using it, some people get upset. We’d argue that coyotes are an important part of the natural world, even in cities.” 

The article I think also supports the notion that since coyotes’ presence has increased and filled in habitat of red and gray wolves, they could be seen as an invasive species or at least a sign of a system out of whack. At the same time we are discovering that they help in regulating exploding urban geese, rodent and deer populations.

More here in Audubon magazine

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