Costco and the Soumaya Museum

image courtesy of fernando romero enterprise

Discovered from this interview designboom did with Fernando Romero. It says something very powerful in a simple image. About art, urban development and the limits of commodification. I had previously read about the scale and context of the Soumaya Museum as simply one aspect of Grupo Carso urban investment strategy: “It’s true that the museum will be free to the public and open seven days a week. But it is also just one part of a $490m new real-estate development called Plaza Carso, which is already dotted with Slim properties including shops, a five-star hotel, offices and high-end condominium towers, all in well-heeled Polanco on the site of what used to be a tyre factory. Now in place of post-industrial blight stands an edifice that at first is so bewildering it appears to reflect some sort of virtual reality

But the reality of seeing the visual juxtaposition of an art museum and Costco in the same shot, really brings it home.

For an interesting post-script read this ArtInfo reviewof the Museo Soumaya by Benjamin Genocchio, whose essential message is money can’t but taste.


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