Shrinking Detroit

While not the first city to deal with issues of the shrinking, post-industrial urban landscape Detroit has been one of the hardest hit, by this phenomenon.

In the NYT Monica Davey, explores how Marja M. Winters Detroit’s deputy director of the city’s planning and development department along with Mayor Dave Bingand other city staff and administrators are wrestling with the best way to downsize a city. Later this month the city will be  releasing a plan on how to reshape the city for it’s current population levels.

To create this plan the team had to conduct a “mile-by-mile analyses of Detroit , tracking population densities, foreclosed homes, disease, parks, roads, water lines, sewer lines, bus routes, publicly owned lands, and on and on“.

Part of the plan will involve reducing or ending city services to some areas as well as destroying condemned and dilapidated housing stock.

The visualization team at the NYT has created a wonderful series of three infographics, which gives an admittedly abstract sense of the pockets of density that exist and those that will be de-created.

Structures being demolished in each census tract by HAEYOUN PARK/THE NEW YORK TIMES (source City of Detroit)

Read more in the NYT (here)

For more information about Shrinking Cities as a concept read (here)


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