The hackjob

So apparently this was one of the 2011 Super Bowl XLV commercials. I was grilling a lot this year though and didn’t see as many memorable commercials. I just saw this the other day when I was watching Butler vs Florida for the 2011 NCAA Mens basketball finals competitions.

What I think is interesting is the idea that maybe corporate advertising in this case has a clear understanding of the role of soft systems.

So the basic idea of the ad is that all the renovator did was a hackjob. Meaning instead of actually doing any physical reconstruction/upgrading, he simply provided some iced down beer in a bucket. Let us, think about that because what is interesting I think, is the presumption is obviously that the beer is best (on a side note the only acceptable Budweiser product is Budweiser, period), better than any actual home renovation. But could one argue that the real lesson is that the provisioning of certain types of programming, by their very nature lend themselves to soft, yet structural impacts? Such as the creation of social encounters or interactions. Simply by providing beer, something is designed. Also, note the fact that the project is both in the kitchen and of the landscape. Now within the context of a home improvement show I think a key question would be one of a type of metric. Can the argument be made that such interventions have a beneficial impact to the real estate value? Maybe not value but certainly I think end user experience. Soft, social structures I think “beer” a lot of watching…

In terms of public space one could also look to the beer garden, or the productive industrial scape of hop growing and beer production as example of landscapes of intoxication….


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